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This runs separately from the projects so can be done as well as another project or on its own. Outreach is about teaching children and inspiring them to study STEM subjects. This usually involves visits to local schools where we carry out workshops such as model rocket launching as well as balloon launches. We do […]

Lander Project

This is a two-part project with a lander and rover. The lander was developed in conjunction with Sam Harrison and the Oxford Rocket Society but the project was transferred entirely over to SUSF as we have better resources. The lander is to be dropped from a balloon or tall building for testing and slowed with […]

Inertial Measurement Unit

The objective is to build an Inertial Measurement Unit that can calculate the rocket or other vehicle’s velocity vectors and position within reasonable accuracy. This is primarily a computer science project with creating computer code based on inputs. There will be (embedded) electronics work.

Stabilised Platform

The stabilised platform is a project to take pretty pictures of space from above most of the atmosphere. It will be using a variety of stabilising features and a high quality camera to produce the best possible results. We are a team of students from University of Southampton Spaceflight Society (SUSF), working on a project […]

The Stabilised Platform frame with a camera of a similar size for scale.

An image of the Cubesat.

CubeSat Ground Station

The University of Southampton has embarked on an ambitious project to launch a 1U CubeSat into orbit via the International Space Station by 2019. As part of the ongoing collaboration between the Spaceflight Society and the University of Southampton, we are tasked with the design, build, verification, and timely delivery of the Ground-Station element for […]

The Rocket Project

The Rocket project group has been operating in the Spaceflight Society since its inception. In that time, it has produced a gaseous rocket engine with low thrust capabilities, and is now expanding into mid-thrust engines. A liquid turbopump is the first stepping stone to get across when designing a complex liquid rocket. It is what […]

Rocket Motor.