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Eclipse Balloon Launch

It was an early start for our team as the first car set off from the University of Southampton at 4.30am. The first group, containing Chris Frohmaier, Jo Barzycki & Matt Brejza, arrived at the Pepperbox hill launch site (just south of Salisbury) for 5am to begin the preparation of the payloads. The second group, […]

Calthorpe Park Launch

Needing to be at Calthorpe Park School in Fleet for 8:15am meant an early start for half the team (Jon Sowman, Matthew Brejza, Matt Brown and Alex Lay) to help out with pre-flight checks. We then drove with the school’s STEM launch team to Snelsmore Common near Newbury to meet the other half of our […]

Balloonberg and Cedar Upper’s Launch

After a very early morning, the Spaceflight launch team consisting of SUSF President Chris Frohmaier, Vice President Cait Percy, Secretary Polly Osborne, Webmaster George Winstone, Head of Projects Matt Brejza, Engineer Ben Oxley, Olly Morris and Phil Crump arrived at the launch site in Churchill College, Cambridge. The team was to launch two consecutive balloons, […]

Catmose College Launch

Catmose College is an Academy school in Leicester. On the 13th June, the committee of the newly formed Spaceflight Society travelled up to the school for a day of outreach activities to demonstrate some of the key points of launching a balloon and to promote physics at University. On the day, the children made parachutes […]

Physoc Outreach Launch 2

This is the second launch taking place as part of the Physoc Outreach team at the University of Southampton. We have a goal to engage young students at Toynbee School in exciting experiments to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.     The launch started out at a much more sociable 7am than the usual […]

Physoc Outreach Launch 1

June 2012, the University of Southampton Physics Society (PhySoc) decided to engage schools with a science experiment to see their experiments launched into “space”. Members of the PhySoc Outreach team who undertook the launch then went on to form SUSF.  We launched, with the aid of Cambridge University Spaceflight Society (CUSF), from Churchill college and […]