SUSF Committee 2013-14

SUSF 2013-14 Committee members:

Chris Frohmaier, President

616349_10153120812455026_1584377005_oHello. I am the co-founder and President of our wonderful Spaceflight Society. Our origins can be traced back to when I was the Outreach Officer for the Physics Society, Physoc, in 2011. The initial team was made up of friends and friends of friends who came together to inspire school children to get involved in science through an ambitious project to launch their experiments into space. Of course, the stratosphere on a High Altitude Balloon isn’t space, but the team’s achievement on a small budget, from scratch, was incredible. After my term was over the current SUSF vice-president, Cait Percy, took over from me and took our balloon project to new heights, literally! We quickly gained fame and support within the University and decided to break away from Physoc to develop our ideas and aspirations as our own society. SUSF was born!

A little about me; I am currently an Astrophysics PhD student having completed my degree in Physics here at Southampton. I sat on the Physoc committee for two years as Outreach Officer and Careers Rep, additionally, I captained the Physoc Football team. I also co-present and produce a weekly Surge Radio science show with Cait Percy. I am part of the Astrodome team where I travel to local schools with an inflatable planetarium for science shows. Outside of University I will be found playing football, cycling the countryside, watching motorsport or tinkering in a garage. Oh, I also won an award naming me as the best young Physicist in Europe which you can read about here.

I very much hope you will enjoy being part of our exciting new society.

If you’d like to contact me then my email address is:

Cait Percy, Vice President and Treasurer

I’m Cait, the VP/Treasurer for the society. After succeeding Chris (our President) as Outreach Officer for the University Physics Society and running yet another successful balloon launch project, I became a co-founder of the Spaceflight Society and took on the role of Vice President and Treasurer.
I’m in my final year at Southampton studying towards an MPhys Physics with Space Science (a fab mix between astronomy and space engineering) and I’m hoping to work in the Space industry at some point in the future. Outside of my course I do a lot of outreach work from giving tours of the night’s sky with the University’s mobile planetarium to presenting a weekly science radio show on Surge (5-6pm Tuesdays if you want to tune in!) to running a range of workshops with local school children.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the media side of the society or want to donate/become a sponsor then please get in touch through!


Polly Osborne, Secretary

Hi, I’m Polly and I’m the secretary and outreach officer of the society. As head of the outreach team I liaise with schools, where we run exciting space-related activities including high altitude balloon launches.

I’m in my fourth and final year of my physics degree and keen to share my love of science with the rest of the world. If you would like to discuss anything outreach related with me please get in touch at



Matt Brejza, Project Manager

Matt Brejza is our resident electronics expert with over 5 years high-altitude ballooning experience and way too much knowledge on radio transmission protocols (ask him some time).


Theo Chen Sverre, Social Sec


I’m Theo, currently PhD student in Integrated Nanophotonics and semiconductor lasers (VECSELs). I completed my undergraduate, Master of Physics with Photonics, at University of Southampton and have been involved with the Physoc and SUSF projects with High Altitude Balloons since their conception.

As part of undergrad I completed a report on professional HABs and will be looking into applying the same principles to our own payloads, using my experience and knowledge with optics and radiation.


George Winstone, Publicity Officer and Webmaster

George is our webmaster supreme, he likes league of legends and knitting.


Ben Oxley, Consultant Engineer and Supreme Overlord

Ben is an Alumni member who has been launching balloons for over 5 years, he now works for Frazer-Nash but is actively involved in the society.