SUSF Committee 2015-16

SUSF 2015-16 Committee members:


Jessica Korzeniowska, President

Hello, I am proud to be the newly elected President of the Southampton University Spaceflight Society (SUSF). We’re a diverse bunch of space enthusiasts who love getting involved in space related outreach, socials and build projects. The society was only incorporated as a stand alone society two years ago, but we are already making quite an impact.

I’m in my fourth year studying Aeronautics and Astronautics specializing in Spacecraft Engineering and plan to work in the space industry once I graduate. The ultimate goal is to one day be an astronaut! If you have any ideas for socials or space related visits please feel free to email me at


Matt Brejza, Vice President & Treasurer

Matt Brejza is our resident electronics expert with over 5 years high-altitude ballooning experience and way too much knowledge on radio transmission protocols (ask him some time).


Matt Brown, Project Manager

Hey, I’m a 4th year Physics with Space Science student. After the success of LettuceOnMars last year, we hope to continue with some amazing projects, most notably our stabilised astrophotography rig which we will launch by the end of the year. If you have any project ideas, collaborations etc then don’t be afraid to get in touch via


Alex Lay, Secretary & Outreach


Hello, I’m a 4th year Computer Science student, and have been involved in the society for the past two years. I’m the Secretary and head of Outreach, so if you want to discuss our society coming into your school to do awesome space stuff (see our outreach page for a list of what we do) you can send me an email to


[Position pending], Social Sec

Southampton spaceflight are currently in need of a dedicated Social Sec to organize interesting social events for the Society, currently this positions is undertaken by the committee as a whole.


Terra Barber, Webmaster

Hey, I look after the website side of things. I’m currently in my 3rd year of a Electronic Engineering course and working on the high altitude astrophotography project. You can contact me at