SUSF Committee 2018-19

Ethan Goldsmith Lister – President

I am a 3rd year Aeronautics & Astronautics / Spacecraft Engineering student. I joined the society in 2016 as part of the Rocket Project, and I am the incumbent president for this year. The committee and I will be working hard to support any and all projects, outreach activities, and social events throughout the year!




Charles Bickel – Vice President and Treasurer






James SaletesĀ – Head of Projects

I’m a 3rd year Aero/Astro student planning on doing a masters in Spacecraft systems engineering. Last year I joined the society and spent that time working on the Liquid rocket project, looking into an electric centrifugal pump. This year I stepped up to become head of projects, overlooking the exciting work that are being made across the varying aspects of our space technologies.




Matthew Brown – Secretary and Head of Outreach

I’m Matthew Brown, a 2nd year PhD student researching the impact of climate change on space debris. I’ve been a member of SUSF for nearly 6 years now, and seen the society grow from it’s foundation. This year I’m Head of Outreach, leading the society’s public engagement events through school visits and university events.




Franz Sebastian Rojas Ayala – Social Secretary

My name is Franz Sebastian Rojas Ayala, a 2nd year student at the University of Southampton currently enrolled in the Aeronautics/Aerospace engineering BEng. Since joining the society in 2017, I have been involved with the Hybrid Rocket Project and starting this year I have become the social activities coordinator. I will be in charge of planning and delivering social events as well as reunions that will boost the morale and motivation of our society.




Richard Gladdis – Webmaster

I am a 4th year aero/astro engineering student specialising in spacecraft design. I joined the society in my first year at Southampton in 2015, became the president in my second year, secretary and head of outreach in my third, and as I go into my fourth I will be managing the society’s web presence on this site and on social media. As a departing member, I will also be helping this year’s committee get to grips with their roles and also pass on the torch so that the society can continue to flourish far into the future.