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University of Southampton Spaceflight

Welcome to the Southampton Spaceflight wiki. This is intended as a place to document our ongoing projects and programmes. It should be used to collate all information relating to a project, with the exception of source code which should be kept under version control (use Git).

Wiki Information

Please see the Wiki Information page for detailed information about how this wiki is set up and run. For further questions, please contact Jon. All users are expected to follow the guidelines outlined in this section, so please ensure you familiarise yourself with it.

Please remember that all revision history is logged - you are responsible for all edits under your username.

Source Code Management

We have a Github organisation (SUSpaceflight). Please contact the admin team ( to be added to the organisation.

Follow Us

Please follow our activites and get in touch via Facebook or Twitter


SUSF Internal Wiki

Click Here

Only members can access this section. If you are a member and cannot access the members' section, please email to be granted access.

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