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This project is to construct a Ground Station for the University of Southampton's UoS³ Cubesat Programme. The objective is to construct a reliable facility with which to Receive the Downlink from the UoS3 Cubesat, and Transmit any Telecommand required during a Pass.

SUSF have been offered this role due to our expertise and experience in long-range UHF radio links used with our High Altitude Balloons, as well as our ties to the Ham Radio Community.

Equipment List

Computer Setup



  • Liaise Access - Mohammed


  • Put 3-pin Mains plug + 3-core cable on Rotator Controller DO NOT PLUG IN ROTATOR UNTIL COMPLETED - Phil


Matt and Phil are working on the Cubesat RF Communications


  • Confirm safety of Railing mounting
  • Visit site
    • Measure cable lengths
    • Measure mounting diameters
    • Scout Cable Installation
    • Scout network socket and equipment placement
  • Arrange network connection with iSolutions
  • Order required parts
  • Check Assembly of Mounting and Antennas
  • Assemble cables in required lengths
  • Test cables
  • Test full RF system
  • Assemble PC and RF into box - Mohammed
  • Test box for power outage, network outage, reboot, etc.
  • Install box
  • Install mast
  • Arrange electrician to install cabling


  • Train and License Radio Operators (primarily Aero undergrads?)
  • Develop RF Control
  • Develop SDR Program for 3rd party reception
  • Encourage 3rd-party projects on the PC


We are currently hoping to site the Station on the roof of Building 7, with the mast mounted either to the Railings, or to an exterior wall of the small room, and the Electronics located inside the small room.

  • Antenna Location #1 (suggested to us) - Mast mounted to Free Space on Railings.
    • Approx 30m Coax run
      • ~3dB loss @ 430MHz
      • ~1.6dB loss @ 144MHz (mitigated by LNA)
  • Antenna Location #2 - Mast mounted to Wall of Room
    • Approx 5m Coax run (Use 7mm for simplicity)
      • ~0.6dB loss @ 430MHz
      • ~0.4dB loss @ 144MHz
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