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Something is likely to break or be broken at some point. Please contact Jon in the first instance.


At the moment, registration is open but access to society sensitive information must be manually granted by the admin team. This may (probably will) change in the future if we receive too much sign up spam.


All users are assigned to the group 'user' when they sign up. They can see all of the public sections of the wiki.


Only members can edit this wiki.

The members only section pages are in namespace 'members', i.e. their page names are something like members:secrets. These pages can only be accessed by members of the society - the wiki admin team is responsible for assigning new members to the 'members' group when they join the society and removing them when they leave.

When creating new pages, if they are society sensitive or for other reasons should not be public, ensure you create them in the 'members' namespace. You do this by creating a link to members:my_page_name instead of just my_page_name. If you are unsure, do not place sensitive information in your new page, and ask one of the admin team to verify your setup.


One further restricted section exists, known as 'trusted'. This is for committee members only and contains information on the society which everyone in the committee may need access to, but should not be otherwise distributed. These pages are in namespace 'trusted', so they have names like trusted:extra_secret. Software licenses and usernames/passwords for society accounts are stored in this section, so access should be given only to those that really require it. Access should be revoked when no longer required by the member.

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